CATIV/300V for smart grids, class S power quality analyzer, energy meter and data logger, 0.5S, optional color graphic display,din rail mounted, 6 modules

SMC 133 represents a specially hardened design of power analyzer, smart meter and an optional power quality monitor in a compact din-mountable form. Instrument is equipped with internal accumulator for uninterrupted operation during power supply failure. It is intended for applications in tough environments such as in substations and distribution grid automation cabinets, for distributed generation and other demanding applications. The display-less design with variable communication options is suitable for a wide spectrum of automation tasks in modern buildings, remote supervision of the infrastructure and also the energy management where it easily integrates with the rest of infrastructure and remains unobtrusive.

The instrument offers a range of communication options - a 100 MBit Ethernet and serial line, USB, WiFi. For integration with modern SCADA systems the data can be acquired with Modbus RTU or TCP protocol, or with MBUS line. It continually records all measured quantities and related system logs. Separately it also records periodic electricity meter readings (load profiles). Archived data can be processed in the ENVIS application creating archives of readings, generating various reports etc.

It can optionally monitor power quality features such as inter-harmonics, flicker, voltage events (with PQ-S module), record transients (with GO module) and the ripple control signals (RCS module).

Key features

  • three independent voltage and current inputs (3p-wye, 3p-delta, 3p-Aron)
  • precision classes for measured quantities specified according to 61557-12
  • measurement category CATIV/300V acc. to IEC 61010 (option S and L)
  • internal 1 hour UPS (option S and L)
  • supports both low and high voltage applications (direct or VT connection)
  • 3x standard X/5A and X/1A CT options
  • measures and registers average and max demand
  • 512MB internal memory for periodical recording, automatic meter readings, power quality datasets etc.
  • optional color display with excellent contrast
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion (THD), up to 50 harmonics from 0 to 2.5 kHz and supra-harmonics from 2 to 9 kHz
  • remote RS 485 and fast Ethernet communication