EMI 12 HALL for DC measurement with Hall sensors, simple wiring and installation, measures 12 currents, powers and energies (up 4 three-phase feeders)

EMI 12 HALL is an expansion current measurement module which supports various Hall sensors. It can measure standard DC loads as well as a special AC or AC/DC applications such as DC distortion in AC grids (PVE inverter and similar instruments can produce such problems), variable speed drives sources in the DC..500Hz range, etc. Its key feature is a very simple installation while the required power supply for the respective hall sensor is integrated in the unit. It can be used in combination with a local bus master (EMU 3 or BCPM). It extends a number of measured current inputs of the system. It features 12 sockets for measurement of up to 4 three-phase or 12 single phase feeders/lines. Connection to other EMI 12 as well as to EMU 3 or BCPM is made via local bus. The fully configured local bus system with 5x EMI 12 can monitor up to 60 lines (20 feeders

Each EMI measures actual current, active and reactive power, THD and active and reactive energies.

Key features

  • Supports Hall sensors (Always use only recommended compatible Hall sensors!)
  • for size constrained energy management applications
  • compact dimensions - 6DIN modules on a din rail for 12 Hall sensors
  • easy multi-feeder monitoring capability for DC, AC/DC and VFD
  • simple and safe installation - power supplied from local bus connection, current transformers connected to pre-assembled sockets
  • industrial grade energy management system
  • Other types of EMI modules can measure residual currents (EMI 12 RCM), use flex probes (EMI 12 FLEX) or use standard split core CTs (EMI 12).