EMU 3 is a basic master module for the local bus monitoring system, measures 3 voltages, RS485, local bus

EMU 3 is a local bus master module with RS 485 remote communication and 3 voltage inputs. It can be used with up to five slave units (typically EMI 12 current measurement modules) connected over local bus to monitor up 20 three-phase feeders or 60 single currents. All measured data are provided over RS485 communication to ENVIS or to any other application via Modbus.

Remote display such as BC REDIS can be connected to show instantaneous values with MM module and also to act as gateway and provide measured data also over Ethernet.

Key features

  • for budgetary and size constrained applications
  • compact dimensions - 3DIN modules on a din rail
  • simple and safe installation - 24V aux power supply and local bus connection to the expansion modules
  • industrial grade energy management system
  • measurement category CATIII/300V acc. to IEC 61010
  • supports both low and medium/high voltage applications (direct or indirect voltage connection)