Standard type of single-phase fully automatic PFC

NOVAR 1206 and NOVAR 1214 power factor controllers are fully automatic instruments. It features separated power supply terminal for projects with specific AC or DC power supply requirements, battery backups etc. It also offers input for an external second tariff control signal.

It features a precise voltage and current measurement circuit with high accuracy of both true RMS values of voltage and current as well as accurate power factor measurement. The built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature inside the distribution board cabinet.

The instrument’s installation is fully automatic. The controller detects both the connection configuration and the value of each compensation section connected. Entering these parameters manually at a later stage is also possible.

Key features

  • panel version NOVAR 1206 or 1214, installation size 144x144 mm
  • measuring voltage input separated from power supply input
  • up to 14 outputs and 1 alarm relay
  • input for 2nd tariff
  • optional RS-485 serial line for remote setup and control
  • optional supply voltage up to 500 V (/S400 models)
  • automatic setup and simple configuration
  • precise measurement and control functions under distortion
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion
  • evaluation of current harmonic load for capacitor protection
  • built-in temperature sensor
  • optional alarm or cooling/heating control relay

Software & Tools

Get latest ENVIS 1.8, the last version which fully supports the NOVAR 1xxx line of PFC.