Multi-functional 3 phase digital panel meter, LCD segment display, embedded precise energy meter, 96x96mm

SML 133 is a standard compact panel power anaylser with large segment LCD display. Instrument is designed for cabinets in industrial applications as well as for submetering in power distribution and station control systems. It measures all common electrical parameters such as frequency, line and phase voltages, currents, unbalances, active and reactive powers, power factors and up to 50 harmonics as well as the total harmonic distortion. It can be also optionally equipped with digital inputs and outputs (SSR or relay). These outputs can be programmed to perform relatively complex control tasks. Digital outputs can also provide selected values as pulse output etc.

Fast Ethernet with web server, modbus, SNTP and other features or RS-485 serial line can be used to remotely control and supervise the monitored system. Manipulation with instrument data and configurations can be restricted only to authorized users and all Ethernet communication can be optionally secured by encryption.

In retrofitting one SML 133 can replace a handful of single purpose analog or digital instruments.

Key features

  • supports both low and high voltage applications (direct or VT connection)
  • voltage can be directly measured in 230/400V and 400/690V systems with the respective types
  • indirect measurement via voltage transformers is also available
  • standard X/5A and X/1A CT options
  • optional 333mV current inputs with simple and safer operation (with embedded open circuit protection)
  • 333mV inputs also do support custom RCT probes (flexible rogowski coils)
  • single- and three-phase energy meter (kWh, kvarh)
  • full 4-quadrant active (0.5S) and reactive (1) energy submetering
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion (THD) level by up to the 50-th harmonic
  • pulse outputs and programmable alarm relays (option RR, RI, II)
  • precise continuous measurement, 128 samples/period, independent 6.4 kHz sampling
  • precission classes for measured quantities specified according to 61557-12
  • energy: active 0.5, reactive class 1 according to 61557-12, 62053-22 resp. 62053-24
  • built-in temperature sensor, binary input (state or pulse)
  • optional remote RS 485 or 10/100Mbit RJ45 Ethernet communication