Compact power analyser, 0.5S energy meter, serial line, DIN rail mounted, 3 modules

SMM 133 is designed for basic energy monitoring and to measure actual, average, minimal and maximal values of electrical quantities. SMM is a simple multimeter without the data logging feature (see instruments with datalogger function for recording features). The DIN rail display-less design is perfectly suitable for a wide spectrum of remote automation tasks in modern buildings, for supervision of the infrastructure and load /demand management. Absence of local panel controls (display and keyboard) limits possibilities for unauthorized user interaction.

SMM instrument is an ideal size- and cost-effective monitor for all modern SCADA systems. It is also natively supported by our free ENVIS application.

Key features

  • Three voltage and current inputs (4x1p, 3p-wye, 3p-delta,...)
  • X/333mV current input option for simplified installation,
  • precision classes for measured quantities specified according to 61557-12,
  • measurement category CATIII/300V acc. to IEC 61010,
  • four quadrant active and reactive energy meter, single- and three-phase measurement, three tariffs,
  • evaluation of total harmonic distortion (THD), up to 50 harmonics (to 2.5 kHz)
  • remote RS 485 and Modbus RTU communication.